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Lower gas tax for Amherst just moves the problem

By Bobby O’Keefe Last week a gas merchant in Amherst floated the idea of a new zone for the regulation of gasoline prices. The idea being that this zone near the provincial border could be given a reduced gasoline tax so that retailers near the border could better compete with gas retailers in New Brunswick, […]

What Beer Festivals can teach us about Taxes vs. User Fees

By Bobby O’Keefe This past weekend, Halifax hosted its fourth annual Seaport Beerfest, a festival that allows brewers big and small and from here and away to hock their wares to the drinking public. While there has never been a major incident, there always seems to be someone commenting publicly that it’s simply a free […]

Shoppers Without Borders

by John Kennedy Today’s business lesson: Never underestimate the power of 2%.  On my way in today, I saw a brief news headline proclaiming that “Nova Scotia border businesses have been hurt”.  The first thing that popped into mind was that this had something to do with the HST increase, and of course I was […]

Giving credit where it is due

by Charles Cirtwill Well, the current government of Nova Scotia has had a rough ride over their first year, and deservedly so. Starting first with a tax and spend budget that increased spending by some $600 million dollars and raised personal and consumption taxes to pay for it. Yes, that is correct, using the government’s […]

New Brunswick Gains and Nova Scotia Loses – Coincidence?

by Bobby O’Keefe On Monday Statistics Canada released its quarterly population estimates for the first quarter of 2010. (The report can be found here.) It was immediately followed by a joyful noise from New Brunswick, celebrating the fact that their population growth targets had been met (albeit a few months late), largely a result of […]

Damned if you do…

by Bobby O’Keefe After my last post about using data to compare cities, another thought came to mind on the grief some cities seem to endure when anyone tries to compare their performance. Last year many cities were concerned because they didn’t have the opportunity to examine the figures to confirm their accuracy – despite […]

Taxpayers are Angry – STAY that way

by Charles Cirtwill FINALLY, taxpayers are angry. MLAs double dipped or purchased things with taxpayer funds that were marginally or clearly inappropriate. MLAs put their own narrow interests ahead of the people they represented. MLAs acted, and indeed several reacted, in pure Dingwall style: ” entitled to their entitlements”. Now people are angry – they want the […]