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The Devil at the Crossroads

by John Kennedy The Canadian Medical Association recently teamed up with Ipsos Reid for their annual survey asking Canadians what they think about the future of health care services and costs.  The consensus isn’t that much of a surprise: the Canadian health care system is at a crossroads in terms of sustainability.  What is surprising […]

Shoppers Without Borders

by John Kennedy Today’s business lesson: Never underestimate the power of 2%.  On my way in today, I saw a brief news headline proclaiming that “Nova Scotia border businesses have been hurt”.  The first thing that popped into mind was that this had something to do with the HST increase, and of course I was […]

Taxpayers are Angry – STAY that way

by Charles Cirtwill FINALLY, taxpayers are angry. MLAs double dipped or purchased things with taxpayer funds that were marginally or clearly inappropriate. MLAs put their own narrow interests ahead of the people they represented. MLAs acted, and indeed several reacted, in pure Dingwall style: ” entitled to their entitlements”. Now people are angry – they want the […]

Back to Balance governing – when?

Guest Blog: Today, our provincial debt is about 12 billion. But when 5,000 positions are eliminated as 1,000 provincial employees retire each year – Nova Scotia’s debt can be cut permanently by $300 million in 3 years and by $7 billion by 2019 – a level taxpaying younger citizens can likely afford in their rapidly expanding digital world. However, […]

Let the taxing and spending commence…

by Bobby O’Keefe Not a single business day after they’re sworn in, and Nova Scotia’s new government has already announced a tax hike and a spending increase. Tobacco taxes are on the way up by five cents a cigarette and the public employee’s pension plan is getting a top up (even though my RRSP is […]