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Inefficient Efficiency Finding

Inefficient Efficiency Finding   by: Andreas Korfmann & Jamie Newman In May we elected a majority conservative government that ran with a mandate to cut $4 billion in government waste. The final goal of this promise is to balance the budget by 2014; not debt-reduction, but deficit reduction. In a time like this, when our […]

The Devil at the Crossroads

by John Kennedy The Canadian Medical Association recently teamed up with Ipsos Reid for their annual survey asking Canadians what they think about the future of health care services and costs.  The consensus isn’t that much of a surprise: the Canadian health care system is at a crossroads in terms of sustainability.  What is surprising […]

Take “Buy Local” Campaigns with a Grain of Nova Scotia Salt

by John Kennedy            Another “crisis” is afoot it seems, this time with regards to the Nova Scotia agricultural sector.  A recently released study by the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture revealed that Nova Scotians are buying less local product, instead opting for more and more imported foods.  Over the last 10 years, local foods have […]

Off with our heads?

by Bobby O’Keefe We’ve just begun to endure a new era of deficit spending with cries to examine every possible cost saving or tax raising measure. Yet at the same time we’re hosting a visit by our official head of state Queen Elizabeth II and her entourage. Much, if not all of it, on our […]

Point the Red Pen Elsewhere

 by John Kennedy Our report card has come in and I don’t think Mom will be putting it on the refrigerator for everyone to see.  Smack in the middle of the report card is a big fat “F”, ironically enough, for foreign aid.  It’s not Canada’s fault that there are a few keeners in the […]

Integrity and Expectations Don’t Mix

 by John Kennedy       Chalk one up to integrity on this one.  While the tallies in this column are extremely few and far between in the world of politics, when they are tacked on they’re tacked on big.  Sure, Greg Thompson doesn’t really stand to lose anything since he’s retiring when the next election rolls around, […]

Taxpayers are Angry – STAY that way

by Charles Cirtwill FINALLY, taxpayers are angry. MLAs double dipped or purchased things with taxpayer funds that were marginally or clearly inappropriate. MLAs put their own narrow interests ahead of the people they represented. MLAs acted, and indeed several reacted, in pure Dingwall style: ” entitled to their entitlements”. Now people are angry – they want the […]