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Bad business planning, worse public policy

by Bobby O’Keefe Whether or not you like the idea of Party Bus Atlantic, the justification used by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to deny their licence should be greeted with scorn by anyone who supports entrepreneurs in the province. The Party Bus, a company currently operating in Newfoundland, was looking to expand […]

Why do governments hate small food producers?

By Bobby O’Keefe These kinds of stories really make me go nuts. Locally, HRM council debates food security, urban farming, and eating local, yet tries to shut down restaurants not over health issues but over zoning issues. What’s worse, the place was a restaurant before the current tenants moved in, and it’s practically surrounded by […]

Another rural station about to bite the dust…

by Bobby O’Keefe There’s a typical old style rural gas station talk about 2 minutes from where I grew up. You know, the kind that has yet to install any kind of “pay at the pump” system, still has an actual garage in operation, and whose corner store amounts to not much more than a […]

Nanobreweries – the local small business idea not coming soon to any province near you

by Bobby O’Keefe On top of my day job as a policy wonk, I am an unabashed beer geek. The two are related (but that’s another story) and I love it when the two topics collide. The most recent occasion was when I came across this article on MSN called Something’s Brewing Close to Home […]