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Cheating Hurts Students, Not Standardized Testing

by John Kennedy Since I’m the only Ontarian on this forum I feel like I should address the elephant in the room .  A few days ago, the Globe and Mail printed an article on their recent discovery that ten Ontario public schools either cheated or produced irregularities on their standardized testing submissions which has […]

Education reform starts with the average NBer

By Charles Cirtwill (This appeared as an op-ed in the September 4, 2010 New Brunswick Telegraph Journal) At some point each of the parties in the current New Brunswick election will dutifully trot out some language around education. But make no mistake, education is the thing, it is the hook upon which all other promises, […]

To Teach and Assess in LA

by John Kennedy A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times decided to stir the pot by publishing an investigative series on teacher effectiveness. This publication is heavily controversial in its approach, but its sees vast support throughout most of the state and within the U.S.’s Secretary of Education. What is so controversial is the […]

Who Says the U.S. Can’t Get It Right Sometimes?

by John Kennedy It’s another slow Friday news day today, so I think I’ll continue my ranting on positive teacher accountability initiatives with some recent developments I’ve discovered. Of course, these reforms come with their fair share of criticisms, mainly from the “you know who” of the education world (pssst…I’m talking about teachers’ unions) but […]

The Key to Good Assessment: A Ban and Some Focus Groups

by John Kennedy Let’s put a moratorium on anything resembling accountability and consistency. At least this is what the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has insisted on with it’s latest attack on standardized testing. They bring out the usual arguments against standardized testing, the same old talking points about “unbalanced learning”, “teaching for scores”, etc, […]

Defence of math scores doesn’t add up

Nova Scotia behind most of country By Charles Cirtwill Are we really “high flyers”? In the face of the one-two punch of atrocious high school math exam results and declining math performance in elementary grades, the province of Nova Scotia has, once again, trotted out the usual defence. We live in Canada, our standards are […]

So what have you done?

by Bobby O’Keefe A month ago we released our 7th annual Report Card on Atlantic Canadian High Schools. Since the release of the report card, I’ve had several comments and questions from principals about where the information comes from, how we come up with the grades, and the like. As in past years, we’ve also […]