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Nova Scotia’s Stuck in the Past

by Collette Deschenes Watch out Nova Scotians. You might be treated like a criminal accused of bootlegging if you happen to operate in-store brewing services. Nova Scotia is completely backwards with their antiquated liquor laws and the recent injunction by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation on in-store wine and beer making is a classic example. […]

A Win for Deregulation

by John Kennedy Even though it doesn’t really affect me quite yet, seeing potential reforms to deregulate the residential real estate brokerage industry is quite refreshing, considering how long it’s been in the works.  The federal Competition Bureau has been fighting tooth-and-nail for almost four years with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) to offer […]

Gasoline price roulette

by Bobby O’Keefe So yesterday, I noted three prediction for today’s gasoline price adjustment in Nova Scotia. Two said no change. The third said an increase of 0.8 cents. Today’s change? Up 1.2 cents a litre. So the third was close, right? Well, if 50 percent off is close, I suppose. Last week, I noticed […]

Bad business planning, worse public policy

by Bobby O’Keefe Whether or not you like the idea of Party Bus Atlantic, the justification used by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to deny their licence should be greeted with scorn by anyone who supports entrepreneurs in the province. The Party Bus, a company currently operating in Newfoundland, was looking to expand […]

Why do governments hate small food producers?

By Bobby O’Keefe These kinds of stories really make me go nuts. Locally, HRM council debates food security, urban farming, and eating local, yet tries to shut down restaurants not over health issues but over zoning issues. What’s worse, the place was a restaurant before the current tenants moved in, and it’s practically surrounded by […]

This is Atlantica

by Bobby O’Keefe One thing went through my mind this week when I read that Maine & Nova Scotia signed a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on renewable ocean electricity generation. Imagine two parts of this region – a US state and a Canadian province, no less – working together, actually talking about their common […]

Why Government Innovation is an Oxymoron

by Bobby O’Keefe A few weeks back a link to this animated presentation on motivation by Dan Pink showed up in my Twitter feed. While most of the presentation dealt with individual motivation and how rewards don’t always work the way we might think, a small bit toward the end (see 5:35) about the Australian […]