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Which university would you like to close?

by Charles Cirtwill  The Dalhousie Senate has given students the day off today, 2 February 2011 (well, they gave them academic immunity, so if they skip class they don’t get penalized). They gave them the day off so they can gather together and storm the Nova Scotia legislature and demand more money for Dalhousie. The Dalhousie […]

Lots more savings to be had! An addendum to the previous open letter on education.

more cuts can be safely made – and not just in education

Another Casualty of Government Stewardship

Guest blog by David Gingras The situation brewing at Moncton High School is going to have a ripple effect throughout the province as New Brunswick taxpayers face the possibility of repairing the building as opposed to constructing a new one. The debate over which option to choose will not remain within the boundaries of the […]

New Developments on the Convention Centre

by John Kennedy A few months ago, I blogged about the problems that would accompany the development of a new convention centre in downtown Halifax.  Convention centres, at least in my lifetime, have been very hit-and-miss, but this may be one of the biggest misses yet.  I hadn’t heard anything more about the project until […]

Is somebody getting the message?

by Bobby O’Keefe I’ve penned at least two “I told you so” posts about Nova Scotia’s governments not getting the message about spending away all their non-renewable natural resource royalties. See here: Hate to say we told you so…; and here: Let’s not forget to prepare for the next storm. We’ve also mentioned it here: […]

What Beer Festivals can teach us about Taxes vs. User Fees

By Bobby O’Keefe This past weekend, Halifax hosted its fourth annual Seaport Beerfest, a festival that allows brewers big and small and from here and away to hock their wares to the drinking public. While there has never been a major incident, there always seems to be someone commenting publicly that it’s simply a free […]

Mr. Steele’s request for input on retirement incomes

by Jim Peers The August 9th “Province Seeks Input on Canada’s Retirement Income Plan” announcement by the Nova Scotia government is really disappointing. It’s merely another political ploy from Mr. Steele the Minister of Finance, because his strong economic credentials have already fallen a long way from his highly accredited economic peak, by resorting to […]