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Feds Herding in PEI Livestock Loans

by John Kennedy Why can’t government ever realize that you need to let the market determine whether or not businesses can survive? Some industries in particular regions cannot survive, so there is no reason to try and prop them up and delay the inevitable with subsidies or loans. Take the PEI livestock farms as the […]

Grand Theft Gaming Companies: Maritime Wars

by John Kennedy It’s almost difficult to believe that Canada has become the world’s third largest video game developer, behind only Japan and the U.S.  Canada recently overtook Britain for third overall after poaching (or “attracting investment”) fair quantities of Britain’s top talent through salary incentives, tax breaks, etc.  The gaming industry has become so […]

It’s not the cost, it’s the value that no one bothers to calculate

by Bobby O’Keefe This morning Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa have commenced their week-long stint in Charlottetown, PEI. How do I know this? Not because I watch the show, but because my twitter feed tells me, as did the radio this morning on my way in. And because it’s showing up in those places, many […]

So what have you done?

by Bobby O’Keefe A month ago we released our 7th annual Report Card on Atlantic Canadian High Schools. Since the release of the report card, I’ve had several comments and questions from principals about where the information comes from, how we come up with the grades, and the like. As in past years, we’ve also […]