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Mr. Steele’s request for input on retirement incomes

by Jim Peers The August 9th “Province Seeks Input on Canada’s Retirement Income Plan” announcement by the Nova Scotia government is really disappointing. It’s merely another political ploy from Mr. Steele the Minister of Finance, because his strong economic credentials have already fallen a long way from his highly accredited economic peak, by resorting to […]

What program would you cut?

by Charles Cirtwill So, Nova Scotia is facing a structural deficit. Who knew? Well, everyone actually. And, despite assertions to the contrary we ALL knew six months ago and MOST of us knew long before then. The economic panel struck by Premier Dexter to scope out the size of our fiscal crunch has suggested raising […]

Where is my pension bailout?

by Charles Cirtwill Monday June 1, 2009 – front page article in the Globe – “Canada’s growing pension puzzle” Salient points: –        roughly five million Canadians, one-third of the workforce, are not saving enough to care for themselves in old age. –        three-quarters of Canadians in the private sector have no pension plan at all […]