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If there’s no such thing as free parking, why are we forced to pay for it?

When I moved to Halifax I chose to live in an apartment building on the edge of what is officially downtown. I liked this location because just about everything I needed on a day-to-day basis was a short walk or a quick bus ride away. Being a recent graduate with a not insignificant amount of […]

Nova Scotia’s Stuck in the Past

by Collette Deschenes Watch out Nova Scotians. You might be treated like a criminal accused of bootlegging if you happen to operate in-store brewing services. Nova Scotia is completely backwards with their antiquated liquor laws and the recent injunction by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation on in-store wine and beer making is a classic example. […]

I have created a monster

I have created a monster by: Charles Cirtwill   Having injured my leg I was away from the office for the past few days. Coming back today, I seem to have unintentionally started a firestorm debate among my colleagues about, of all things, Senate reform. Now, don’t get me wrong, Senate reform is important and […]

Which university would you like to close?

by Charles Cirtwill  The Dalhousie Senate has given students the day off today, 2 February 2011 (well, they gave them academic immunity, so if they skip class they don’t get penalized). They gave them the day off so they can gather together and storm the Nova Scotia legislature and demand more money for Dalhousie. The Dalhousie […]

Lots more savings to be had! An addendum to the previous open letter on education.

more cuts can be safely made – and not just in education

There IS room to cut responsibly in education

A letter to the Ministers of Education and Finance, outlining the basis for reasonable, sustainable, and non-cataclysmic cuts in spendign and staffing in education.

If NSBI is going to have an investment fund, it should be evaluated like one

by Bobby O’Keefe Nova Scotia Business Inc.’s Annual report was released recently, and it revealed that the province’s business development wing has gone heavier into making equity investments than ever before. If you recall, a few weeks back I pointed out how the federal government’s investment wing (via the ACOA-administered Atlantic Innovation Fund) wasn’t doing […]