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Is somebody getting the message?

by Bobby O’Keefe I’ve penned at least two “I told you so” posts about Nova Scotia’s governments not getting the message about spending away all their non-renewable natural resource royalties. See here: Hate to say we told you so…; and here: Let’s not forget to prepare for the next storm. We’ve also mentioned it here: […]

Let’s not forget to prepare for the next storm

By Bobby O’Keefe I was going to avoid the reminder again when I saw yesterday’s front page news in Nova Scotia: Not much gas left in the tank. That reminder being that we’ve always known that our offshore revenues were going to run out. We talked about it in 2002, in Ten Reasons to Remove […]

Hate to say we told you so…

by Bobby O’Keefe The headline in the September 22 Chronicle Herald certainly didn’t say anything surprising: Offshore gas royalties to recede; Darker days looming after revenues exceeded expectations over 10 years. We’ve known for years that the royalties coming to the province from Offshore Natural Gas projects would eventually shrink and ultimately dry up. Of […]