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Another Casualty of Government Stewardship

Guest blog by David Gingras The situation brewing at Moncton High School is going to have a ripple effect throughout the province as New Brunswick taxpayers face the possibility of repairing the building as opposed to constructing a new one. The debate over which option to choose will not remain within the boundaries of the […]

Fairness for All

Guest blog by David Gingras Fairness is a typically well understood concept. That being said, what is fair for one can be an injustice to another. That is the dilemma facing New Brunswick’s new Progressive Conservative government as they determine how to fit their campaign promises into New Brunswick’s fiscal reality. They may find an […]

Is somebody getting the message?

by Bobby O’Keefe I’ve penned at least two “I told you so” posts about Nova Scotia’s governments not getting the message about spending away all their non-renewable natural resource royalties. See here: Hate to say we told you so…; and here: Let’s not forget to prepare for the next storm. We’ve also mentioned it here: […]

Education reform starts with the average NBer

By Charles Cirtwill (This appeared as an op-ed in the September 4, 2010 New Brunswick Telegraph Journal) At some point each of the parties in the current New Brunswick election will dutifully trot out some language around education. But make no mistake, education is the thing, it is the hook upon which all other promises, […]

Hey, even the Premier agrees with me…

by Bobby O’Keefe On Monday I blogged about the issues with using a lower gas tax for the Amherst area than the rest of the province, as proposed by a retailer in the area. Now it appears that Premier Dexter is in agreement, according to a piece in today’s Amherst Daily News. In response Premier […]

Lower gas tax for Amherst just moves the problem

By Bobby O’Keefe Last week a gas merchant in Amherst floated the idea of a new zone for the regulation of gasoline prices. The idea being that this zone near the provincial border could be given a reduced gasoline tax so that retailers near the border could better compete with gas retailers in New Brunswick, […]

New Brunswick Gains and Nova Scotia Loses – Coincidence?

by Bobby O’Keefe On Monday Statistics Canada released its quarterly population estimates for the first quarter of 2010. (The report can be found here.) It was immediately followed by a joyful noise from New Brunswick, celebrating the fact that their population growth targets had been met (albeit a few months late), largely a result of […]