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Grand Theft Gaming Companies: Maritime Wars

by John Kennedy It’s almost difficult to believe that Canada has become the world’s third largest video game developer, behind only Japan and the U.S.  Canada recently overtook Britain for third overall after poaching (or “attracting investment”) fair quantities of Britain’s top talent through salary incentives, tax breaks, etc.  The gaming industry has become so […]

A New Reason Why You Can’t Keep Us

By: John Kennedy It’s no secret that Nova Scotia has problems attracting and keeping young people from the prosperity and big city living to be had in provinces like Alberta and Ontario.  With an increasingly uncompetitive tax base, growing deficits, a lack of job creation in booming sectors, and the development of Nova Scotia as […]

A bad day to be a Bluenoser?

by Charles Cirtwill I received two emails this morning that really “brightened” my day. The first was from a colleague in New Brunswick who entitled his email “A great day to be a Newbrunswicker”.  His message was simple, na na na na na nahhh. Okay, he phrased it much more politely than that with big […]