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If there’s no such thing as free parking, why are we forced to pay for it?

When I moved to Halifax I chose to live in an apartment building on the edge of what is officially downtown. I liked this location because just about everything I needed on a day-to-day basis was a short walk or a quick bus ride away. Being a recent graduate with a not insignificant amount of […]

Inefficient Efficiency Finding

Inefficient Efficiency Finding   by: Andreas Korfmann & Jamie Newman In May we elected a majority conservative government that ran with a mandate to cut $4 billion in government waste. The final goal of this promise is to balance the budget by 2014; not debt-reduction, but deficit reduction. In a time like this, when our […]

Why We Cannot Pedal Our Way Through The Economy

Why We Cannot Pedal Our Way Through The Economy by: Andreas Korfmann Living in a downtown core such as Halifax and going to school in another in Toronto, I have come across my fair share of cyclists and pedestrians. This does not bother me one bit. Most of the time I am that pedestrian. The […]

New Developments on the Convention Centre

by John Kennedy A few months ago, I blogged about the problems that would accompany the development of a new convention centre in downtown Halifax.  Convention centres, at least in my lifetime, have been very hit-and-miss, but this may be one of the biggest misses yet.  I hadn’t heard anything more about the project until […]