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Gasoline price roulette

by Bobby O’Keefe So yesterday, I noted three prediction for today’s gasoline price adjustment in Nova Scotia. Two said no change. The third said an increase of 0.8 cents. Today’s change? Up 1.2 cents a litre. So the third was close, right? Well, if 50 percent off is close, I suppose. Last week, I noticed […]

Shoppers Without Borders

by John Kennedy Today’s business lesson: Never underestimate the power of 2%.  On my way in today, I saw a brief news headline proclaiming that “Nova Scotia border businesses have been hurt”.  The first thing that popped into mind was that this had something to do with the HST increase, and of course I was […]

Another rural station about to bite the dust…

by Bobby O’Keefe There’s a typical old style rural gas station talk about 2 minutes from where I grew up. You know, the kind that has yet to install any kind of “pay at the pump” system, still has an actual garage in operation, and whose corner store amounts to not much more than a […]