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All quiet on the eastern blog

by Charles Cirtwill It has been a quiet summer – at least on the AIMS blog. They say it takes something like 28 days to form a habit. Alas it seems it was less than 28 days between the creation of our blog and the start of our summer holidays. That, and it is much […]

A bad day to be a Bluenoser?

by Charles Cirtwill I received two emails this morning that really “brightened” my day. The first was from a colleague in New Brunswick who entitled his email “A great day to be a Newbrunswicker”.  His message was simple, na na na na na nahhh. Okay, he phrased it much more politely than that with big […]

A golden opportunity to finally fix EI

by Charles Cirtwill Warning – this is going to be a long post – but it will be worth reading (I hope). The federal Liberals want to help unemployed Canadians during this time of global economic crisis. The federal Conservatives want to help unemployed Canadians during this time of global economic crisis. Perfect, let’s make […]

Of EI and truth in politics

by Brian Lee Crowley I am not usually one for simplistic institutional fixes for what are essentially political problems (electoral reform, proportional representation, Senate reform, etc., etc.), and normally term limits would fall into this category. But Jamie Muir, Nova Scotia’s finance minister, who is retiring once the current provincial election is done, is making […]

The income tax was temporary too

by Charles Cirtwill In 1917 the Canadian government, as part of our war effort, introduced a “temporary” income tax, it is still going strong 92 years later. Now the federal Liberals want to “temporarily” ease the restrictions on the number of hours you need to work in order to qualify for EI, they say 45 […]