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Which university would you like to close?

by Charles Cirtwill  The Dalhousie Senate has given students the day off today, 2 February 2011 (well, they gave them academic immunity, so if they skip class they don’t get penalized). They gave them the day off so they can gather together and storm the Nova Scotia legislature and demand more money for Dalhousie. The Dalhousie […]

Lots more savings to be had! An addendum to the previous open letter on education.

more cuts can be safely made – and not just in education

There IS room to cut responsibly in education

A letter to the Ministers of Education and Finance, outlining the basis for reasonable, sustainable, and non-cataclysmic cuts in spendign and staffing in education.

Another Casualty of Government Stewardship

Guest blog by David Gingras The situation brewing at Moncton High School is going to have a ripple effect throughout the province as New Brunswick taxpayers face the possibility of repairing the building as opposed to constructing a new one. The debate over which option to choose will not remain within the boundaries of the […]

Cheating Hurts Students, Not Standardized Testing

by John Kennedy Since I’m the only Ontarian on this forum I feel like I should address the elephant in the room .  A few days ago, the Globe and Mail printed an article on their recent discovery that ten Ontario public schools either cheated or produced irregularities on their standardized testing submissions which has […]

Common sense about universities in Nova Scotia

By: Charles Cirtwill Finally, someone is talking sense about Nova Scotia’s university system. Dr. Tim O’Neill’s report on the future prospects of the university system makes for some grim reading. He highlights projections we have all seen before: fewer potential students this year, next year and every year for the foreseeable future; peak enrolment many […]

Education reform starts with the average NBer

By Charles Cirtwill (This appeared as an op-ed in the September 4, 2010 New Brunswick Telegraph Journal) At some point each of the parties in the current New Brunswick election will dutifully trot out some language around education. But make no mistake, education is the thing, it is the hook upon which all other promises, […]