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Potatoes and sand dunes and Anne… oh PEI!

by Julia Kirkey During the Prince Edward Island budget address last April, the provincial Liberals pleasantly announced that despite the global economic downturn, the Island had managed to keep its head above water. PEI was one of the few provinces that showed signs of growth (albeit modest), maintaining a high level of activity and investment. […]

Free Markets? Yes, they are still the solution.

by Ali Nadeem Amidst all the talks, the rants, invective discussions between the right and the left, there is no doubt that free markets still remain a much sought after solution for economic stagnation. In the US, monetary policy and quantitative easing hasn’t worked as expected. Interest rates are at an all-time low, economic and […]

The U.S. Debt; Why greener pastures have yet to be seen

The U.S. Debt; Why greener pastures have yet to be seen   by: Andreas Korfmann Last week, almost everybody took a sigh of relief; the Democrats and the Republicans finally settled on a deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, supposedly restoring confidence in financial markets. After all America is now not going to default. […]

Why We Cannot Pedal Our Way Through The Economy

Why We Cannot Pedal Our Way Through The Economy by: Andreas Korfmann Living in a downtown core such as Halifax and going to school in another in Toronto, I have come across my fair share of cyclists and pedestrians. This does not bother me one bit. Most of the time I am that pedestrian. The […]