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Free Markets? Yes, they are still the solution.

by Ali Nadeem Amidst all the talks, the rants, invective discussions between the right and the left, there is no doubt that free markets still remain a much sought after solution for economic stagnation. In the US, monetary policy and quantitative easing hasn’t worked as expected. Interest rates are at an all-time low, economic and […]

New Developments on the Convention Centre

by John Kennedy A few months ago, I blogged about the problems that would accompany the development of a new convention centre in downtown Halifax.  Convention centres, at least in my lifetime, have been very hit-and-miss, but this may be one of the biggest misses yet.  I hadn’t heard anything more about the project until […]

If NSBI is going to have an investment fund, it should be evaluated like one

by Bobby O’Keefe Nova Scotia Business Inc.’s Annual report was released recently, and it revealed that the province’s business development wing has gone heavier into making equity investments than ever before. If you recall, a few weeks back I pointed out how the federal government’s investment wing (via the ACOA-administered Atlantic Innovation Fund) wasn’t doing […]

Feds Herding in PEI Livestock Loans

by John Kennedy Why can’t government ever realize that you need to let the market determine whether or not businesses can survive? Some industries in particular regions cannot survive, so there is no reason to try and prop them up and delay the inevitable with subsidies or loans. Take the PEI livestock farms as the […]

And let’s make paying it back optional…

by Bobby O’Keefe Another day, another demonstration of how government loan programs tilted toward “innovation” or high tech firms never pan out in the end. As reported by Canadian Press Reporter Michael Tutton in today’s Chronicle Herald, ninety percent of loans provided through the first round of funding for the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) haven’t […]

Why do governments hate small food producers?

By Bobby O’Keefe These kinds of stories really make me go nuts. Locally, HRM council debates food security, urban farming, and eating local, yet tries to shut down restaurants not over health issues but over zoning issues. What’s worse, the place was a restaurant before the current tenants moved in, and it’s practically surrounded by […]

This is Atlantica

by Bobby O’Keefe One thing went through my mind this week when I read that Maine & Nova Scotia signed a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on renewable ocean electricity generation. Imagine two parts of this region – a US state and a Canadian province, no less – working together, actually talking about their common […]