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The U.S. Debt; Why greener pastures have yet to be seen

The U.S. Debt; Why greener pastures have yet to be seen   by: Andreas Korfmann Last week, almost everybody took a sigh of relief; the Democrats and the Republicans finally settled on a deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, supposedly restoring confidence in financial markets. After all America is now not going to default. […]

Is somebody getting the message?

by Bobby O’Keefe I’ve penned at least two “I told you so” posts about Nova Scotia’s governments not getting the message about spending away all their non-renewable natural resource royalties. See here: Hate to say we told you so…; and here: Let’s not forget to prepare for the next storm. We’ve also mentioned it here: […]

Mr. Steele’s request for input on retirement incomes

by Jim Peers The August 9th “Province Seeks Input on Canada’s Retirement Income Plan” announcement by the Nova Scotia government is really disappointing. It’s merely another political ploy from Mr. Steele the Minister of Finance, because his strong economic credentials have already fallen a long way from his highly accredited economic peak, by resorting to […]

Taxpayers are Angry – STAY that way

by Charles Cirtwill FINALLY, taxpayers are angry. MLAs double dipped or purchased things with taxpayer funds that were marginally or clearly inappropriate. MLAs put their own narrow interests ahead of the people they represented. MLAs acted, and indeed several reacted, in pure Dingwall style: ” entitled to their entitlements”. Now people are angry – they want the […]

Leadership can’t be found in a consultant’s report

by Bobby O’Keefe So the other day there was a story on the front page of a local daily talking about how certain MLAs are getting paid a couple thousand dollars a year to chair committees that never meet. Waste of money? Definitely. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But the response is even more asinine. Rather than scrapping […]

Fearless election predictions

by Charles Cirtwill Here are my fearless election predictions: There will be a federal election before NEXT summer. Someone will win both that election and the Nova Scotia election next week. In either case the new government will have a minority or a majority. Regardless of who wins either election, and regardless of a majority […]