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Economic Action Plan? Just Watch Him

Economic Action Plan? Just Watch Him Canadian Premiers have invited the Prime Minister to a summit on the economy this fall. In clips aired on local radio Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter explains that “we need to know what Canada’s action plan is going to be going forward”. When I heard that line, my reaction was immediate, […]

Premiers; Growing Up or Growing Restive?

Premiers; Growing Up or Growing Restive? By: Charles Cirtwill  “Premier Dad”, Dalton McGuinty of Ontario, and his twelve provincial and territorial counterparts are gathering in Halifax this week for their regular Council of the Federation meeting. It will be another father figure however, and his parenting style, that will be front and centre in the […]

Share the Sidewalk?

Share the Sidewalk By: Charles Cirtwill Where did it come down written in stone that bikes and cars have to share the road? At what point and on what basis did we decide that bikes are “light vehicles” as opposed to “rapid pedestrians”? This thought occurred to me as I watched yet another multi-ton bus […]