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Potatoes and sand dunes and Anne… oh PEI!

by Julia Kirkey During the Prince Edward Island budget address last April, the provincial Liberals pleasantly announced that despite the global economic downturn, the Island had managed to keep its head above water. PEI was one of the few provinces that showed signs of growth (albeit modest), maintaining a high level of activity and investment. […]

There IS room to cut responsibly in education

A letter to the Ministers of Education and Finance, outlining the basis for reasonable, sustainable, and non-cataclysmic cuts in spendign and staffing in education.

Taxpayers are Angry – STAY that way

by Charles Cirtwill FINALLY, taxpayers are angry. MLAs double dipped or purchased things with taxpayer funds that were marginally or clearly inappropriate. MLAs put their own narrow interests ahead of the people they represented. MLAs acted, and indeed several reacted, in pure Dingwall style: ” entitled to their entitlements”. Now people are angry – they want the […]

Leadership can’t be found in a consultant’s report

by Bobby O’Keefe So the other day there was a story on the front page of a local daily talking about how certain MLAs are getting paid a couple thousand dollars a year to chair committees that never meet. Waste of money? Definitely. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But the response is even more asinine. Rather than scrapping […]

Hate to say we told you so…

by Bobby O’Keefe The headline in the September 22 Chronicle Herald certainly didn’t say anything surprising: Offshore gas royalties to recede; Darker days looming after revenues exceeded expectations over 10 years. We’ve known for years that the royalties coming to the province from Offshore Natural Gas projects would eventually shrink and ultimately dry up. Of […]