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Some Sober Second Thoughts on Senate Reform

Some Sober Second Thoughts on Senate Reform by Andreas Korfmann When governments propose changes to the way we do things, we as voters tend to examine and challenge their ideas in order to determine whether or not they are acting in our best interest. This is democracy at its finest. So why is it that […]

I have created a monster

I have created a monster by: Charles Cirtwill   Having injured my leg I was away from the office for the past few days. Coming back today, I seem to have unintentionally started a firestorm debate among my colleagues about, of all things, Senate reform. Now, don’t get me wrong, Senate reform is important and […]

Which university would you like to close?

by Charles Cirtwill  The Dalhousie Senate has given students the day off today, 2 February 2011 (well, they gave them academic immunity, so if they skip class they don’t get penalized). They gave them the day off so they can gather together and storm the Nova Scotia legislature and demand more money for Dalhousie. The Dalhousie […]

Lots more savings to be had! An addendum to the previous open letter on education.

more cuts can be safely made – and not just in education

There IS room to cut responsibly in education

A letter to the Ministers of Education and Finance, outlining the basis for reasonable, sustainable, and non-cataclysmic cuts in spendign and staffing in education.

The World Cup Should Never Come to Canada

by John Kennedy With the 2010 World Cup coming to an end, the time has come for speculation of Canada putting in a bid for 2018.  Canada has tried putting in bids as far back as 2001 and made a heavier push in 2007, but to no avail.  Now, the idea will be revisited after […]

Integrity and Expectations Don’t Mix

 by John Kennedy       Chalk one up to integrity on this one.  While the tallies in this column are extremely few and far between in the world of politics, when they are tacked on they’re tacked on big.  Sure, Greg Thompson doesn’t really stand to lose anything since he’s retiring when the next election rolls around, […]