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Some Sober Second Thoughts on Senate Reform

Some Sober Second Thoughts on Senate Reform by Andreas Korfmann When governments propose changes to the way we do things, we as voters tend to examine and challenge their ideas in order to determine whether or not they are acting in our best interest. This is democracy at its finest. So why is it that […]

I have created a monster

I have created a monster by: Charles Cirtwill   Having injured my leg I was away from the office for the past few days. Coming back today, I seem to have unintentionally started a firestorm debate among my colleagues about, of all things, Senate reform. Now, don’t get me wrong, Senate reform is important and […]

There IS room to cut responsibly in education

A letter to the Ministers of Education and Finance, outlining the basis for reasonable, sustainable, and non-cataclysmic cuts in spendign and staffing in education.

Another Casualty of Government Stewardship

Guest blog by David Gingras The situation brewing at Moncton High School is going to have a ripple effect throughout the province as New Brunswick taxpayers face the possibility of repairing the building as opposed to constructing a new one. The debate over which option to choose will not remain within the boundaries of the […]

If NSBI is going to have an investment fund, it should be evaluated like one

by Bobby O’Keefe Nova Scotia Business Inc.’s Annual report was released recently, and it revealed that the province’s business development wing has gone heavier into making equity investments than ever before. If you recall, a few weeks back I pointed out how the federal government’s investment wing (via the ACOA-administered Atlantic Innovation Fund) wasn’t doing […]

To Teach and Assess in LA

by John Kennedy A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times decided to stir the pot by publishing an investigative series on teacher effectiveness. This publication is heavily controversial in its approach, but its sees vast support throughout most of the state and within the U.S.’s Secretary of Education. What is so controversial is the […]

Who Says the U.S. Can’t Get It Right Sometimes?

by John Kennedy It’s another slow Friday news day today, so I think I’ll continue my ranting on positive teacher accountability initiatives with some recent developments I’ve discovered. Of course, these reforms come with their fair share of criticisms, mainly from the “you know who” of the education world (pssst…I’m talking about teachers’ unions) but […]