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If there’s no such thing as free parking, why are we forced to pay for it?

When I moved to Halifax I chose to live in an apartment building on the edge of what is officially downtown. I liked this location because just about everything I needed on a day-to-day basis was a short walk or a quick bus ride away. Being a recent graduate with a not insignificant amount of […]

Bringing Canada into the 20th Century

Not too long ago it was reported that the NSLC was taking beer and wine kit sellers to court to stop them from offering in-store vinting and brewing.  While the fate of the store owners is unfortunately still up in the air I was glad to see that the media largely dismissed this move as […]

Muskrat Falls risks should be limited

Muskrat Falls risks should be limited   by Gordon Weil The Muskrat Falls project could bring benefit to Newfoundland and Labrador if its risks were reduced. Muskrat Falls is part of a major hydropower resource in northeastern North America, and it can provide reliable power at a predictable price for decades. This positive conclusion must […]

Economic Freedom in the Maritimes and Stan Rogers

Economic Freedom in the Maritimes and Stan Rogers By: Joseph Onorati I love Stan Roger’s music—maybe you do too. I particularly enjoy his songs that comment on social and economic changes, and what one might identify with American Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter’s popularization of the phrase “creative destruction.” In one of my favourites, “The Idiot”, […]

Marketing Freedom, Market Freedom

Marketing Freedom, Market Freedom By: Alanna Newman Today marks the start of something new in Western Canada: the end of a 77 year monopsony on wheat, durum and barley for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and part of British Columbia.  As a result of Bill C-18 the Canadian Wheat Board is now voluntary.  It marks the beginning […]

Premiers; Growing Up or Growing Restive?

Premiers; Growing Up or Growing Restive? By: Charles Cirtwill  “Premier Dad”, Dalton McGuinty of Ontario, and his twelve provincial and territorial counterparts are gathering in Halifax this week for their regular Council of the Federation meeting. It will be another father figure however, and his parenting style, that will be front and centre in the […]